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Top Medical Colleges in Gujarat

Gujarat is the most industrialized state of india and it is situated in the western part of India. It also has good number medical colleges and universities which is either supported by state government, central government or self financed. Many Institutions has best educational facilities and student accommodation infrastructure. All Intuition is having accreditation from… Read More »

Top Medical Colleges in Kerala

Kerala has best and highest literacy rate in India. Kerala people having more attraction towards the medical field due to that highest number of nursing graduate is passing from the Kerala especially female nurse. All these factors are making most favorite destination for the medical nursing degree. At present more than 35+ medical colleges in… Read More »

Top Medical Colleges in Delhi

Delhi is capital of India and most advance education city in India, it get first all india institute of medical sciences in India that is called (AIIMS).It is first hi-tech and best medical institution in india which is opened by first prime minister of india in 1956. The state has many other government and private… Read More »

Top Medical Colleges in Punjab

First medical college in Punjab was established in 1953 in Patiala. Punjab state is rich in all sectors like agriculture, medical, engineering and modern industries. Medical education is one of the most respected courses and respected services in India due to that people and his parents are fascinating towards the medical education. State has many… Read More »

Top Medical Colleges in Andhra Pradesh

Medical education started in Andhra Pradesh before the independence of Indian and first medical college opened in 1902. Now Andhra Pradesh has more than 50+ medical colleges and universities, some colleges have very rich history and some of colleges established in new modern era. All colleges have well infrastructure and best hospital facilities as required… Read More »

Top Medical Colleges In West Bengal

West Bengal was most developed state in the English era due to its costal region and people of this state have very sharp mind. In current time period is a hub of higher education, Bengali people loves to take admission in the higher education. In last couple of years higher education admission is significantly increased… Read More »


Uttar Pradesh is biggest state in India by the area as well as in population but it is also known for the education. State has highest number of medical colleges in India all these development happen in last couple of years. The state is growing rapidly in higher education in medical as well as in… Read More »


Maharashtra is the most advance state in all sectors it is also known for the higher education. The state has some of the finest and reputed medical colleges in India. One of the best things is that colleges are spread all over the Maharashtra, all best known top medical colleges are in important districts of… Read More »


Tamil Nadu is known for the higher education in all educational field like medical, engineering and others. The state produced many well known medical professional in India. Medical education is second most popular in the state and among the new student. Tamil Nadu has many top medical colleges which are either managed by government either… Read More »


Karnataka is a hub of all type of education when it comes in medical, it have more than 70+ medical colleges. Medical education is a very costly higher education in India but student can avoid huge cost by taking admission through competition exam. In India medical colleges have to choice to fill its seat through… Read More »