GATE 2016 Reference Books for Biotechnology

By | June 29, 2015

Biotechnology is one of the leading branches with the combination of medical sciences as well as technology. Many new generation students are making careers in biotechnology. It is one of the challenging engineering streams because it has combination of micro organism and biochemical materials. Biotechnology has bring a revolution in the field of medical sciences and in medical equipment and GATE exam is allows students to get admission in the M.Tech in biotechnology.As all of you know that gate exam is very tough so if you want to clear the exam study hard and prefer some good reference books for biotechnology. We are giving the list of reference books for Biotechnology.

GATE 2016 Reference Books for Biotechnology

S. No.

    1 Biological Science
      N.P.O Green
      G.W. Stout
      D.J. Taylor
    2 Life Science-Fundamental and Practice
      Pranav Kumar
      Usha Mina
    3 Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry
    4 Biochemistry by Lubert Stryer
      J.L. Tymoczko
    5 Principles and Techniques
      Keith Wilson
      John Walker
    6 Microbiology: Fundamental and Application
      Ronald M. Atlas
    7 Microbiology
      L.M. Prescott
      J.P. Harley
      D.A. Klein
    8 Genetics: A Molecular Approach
      T.A. Brown
    9 Principle of Genetics
      E.J. Gardner
      M.J. Simmons
      D.P. Snustad
    10 Cell and Molecular Biology
      G Karp
    11 Gene Cloning and DNA analysis
      T.A. Brown
    12 Plant Tissue Culture
      M.K. Razdan
    13 Review of Medical Physiology
      William F. Ganong
    14 Biological Science
      N.P.O Green
      G.W. Stout
      D.J. Taylor
    15 Engg. Mathematics
      Dr. BS Grewal Advance
      Erwin Kreyszig
      Dr. HK Dass

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